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My final votes until the 2019 veto session

Here is a list of my votes on final action in the House bills, and on bills referred by the Senate (at adjournment on April 5, 2019):

SB 16 K-12 Budget - Voted NO

SB 25 State Budget - Voted YES

HB 2274: would provide pregnant women considering an abortion additional choices if they have commenced RU-486 treatment. This pro-life and pro-woman legislation will present opportunities for pregnant women considering an abortion to change their minds and carry their babies to birth. (With a veto-proof majority, the House approved of HB 2274.) Voted YES

HB 2326 would amend current statute to recognize out-of-state conceal carry permits and licenses, resolving several reciprocity issues. Individuals with these permits and licenses would be required to act in accordance with all Kansas laws while carrying a concealed firearm in the state. Similar legislation was introduced by Attorney General Derek Schmidt during the 2017-2018 biennium.
Voted YES

HB 2018 – Creating the Kansas criminal justice reform commission.
Voted YES Final Action, 120-4

HB 2054 – Providing for fully-insured association health plans.Votes YES Final Action, 101-23

HB 2137 – Legislative review of exceptions to disclosure of public records under the Kansas open records act. Voted YES Final Action, 124-0

HB 2173 – Establishing a commercial industrial hemp program. VotedYES Final Action, 119-5

HB 2274 – Requiring notification to patients that the effects of a medication abortion may be reversible. Voted YES Final Action, 85-39

HB 2307 – Establishing non-covered dental benefits under health insurance plans and limitations on plan changes. Voted YES Final Action, 91-33

HB 2314 – Rehabilitation of abandoned property by cities. Voted YES Final Action, 97-27

HB 2389 – Requiring electronic prescriptions for certain controlled substances. Voted YES Final Action, 122-2

HB 2396 – Allowing use of certified drug abuse treatment programs for certain offenders convicted of unlawful cultivation or distribution of controlled substances. Voted YES Final Action, 97-27

HR 6018 – Requesting the federal government address water issues in the Arkansas River basis. Voted YES Final Action, 124-0

SB 15 – Amending the definition of "service-connected" in the Kansas police and firemen's retirement system. Voted YES Final Action, 124-0

SB 16 – Making amendments to the Kansas school equity and enhancement act and other statutes related to education. Voted No Final Action, 63-61

SB 18 – Providing a process for the attorney general to enter into diversion agreements. Voted YES Final Action, 124-0

SB 20 – Extending the judicial branch surcharge to fund the costs of non-judicial personnel. Votes YES Final Action, 118-4

SB 25 – Appropriations for FY 2019, FY 2020, FY 2021 and FY 2022 for various state agencies. Votes YES Final Action, 99-25

SB 28 – Updating the expiration date of risk-based capital instructions. Votes YES Final Action, 123-1

SB 53 – Designating the official red and white wine grapes of Kansas.Votes YES Final Action, 88-36

SB 60 – Amending Kansas real estate commission licensing provisions for brokers and sales persons.Votes YES Final Action, 107-17

SB 63 – Regulating the use of lighting devices in transportation network company vehicles and requiring vehicles to stop at railroad crossings for on-track train equipment. Votes YES Final Action, 124-0

SB 66 – Exempting certain domestic insurers from filing enterprise risk reports.Votes YES Final Action, 123-1

SB 67 – Establishing the unclaimed life insurance benefits act.Votes YES Final Action, 124-0

SB 68 – Prohibiting cities from requiring a valid contract franchise ordinance for the provision of wireless telecommunications services. Votes YES Final Action, 112-12

SB 69 – Requiring an electric rate study of certain electric utilities.Votes YES Final Action, 117-7

SB 71 – Eliminating the expiration of the postsecondary technical education authority and requiring a report to the legislature. Voted YES Final Action, 123-1

SB 77 – Requiring the department for children and families to offer services to children with problem sexual behavior and to such child's family. Voted YES Final Action, 124-0

SB 78 – Regulating assignment of rights or benefits to a residential contractor under a property and casualty insurance policy insuring residential real estate. Voted YES Final Action, 123-1

SB 82 – Updating the state banking code. Voted YES Final Action, 124-0

SB 90 – Extending the tax credit under the center for entrepreneurship act to financial institutions and increasing the annual tax credit limit for all contributors. Voted YES Final Action, 122-2

SB 94 – Establishing a minimum course duration for motor vehicle accident prevention courses. Voted YES Final Action, 120-4

SB 97– Division of vehicles registering fleet vehicles. Voted YES Final Action, 124-0

SB 128– Requiring at least nine safety drills to be conducted by schools each year including fire, tornado and crisis drills. Voted YES Final Action, 123-1

SB 199– Creating the AO-K to work program that allows certain adults to earn high school equivalency credentials by participating in career pathway oriented postsecondary classes.
Votes YES Final Action, 124-0

HB 2118 - Providing income tax credits for aerospace and aviation program graduates and their employers. Voted YES Final Action, 106-18

HB 2154 - Making unemployment benefits available for federal and state employees who are required to work without pay. Voted YES Final Action, 111-12-1

HB 2244 - Authorizing the use of cannabidiol treatment preparation to treat certain medical conditions. Voted YES Final Action, 89-35

HB 2326 - Recognizing licenses to carry a concealed firearm issued by other jurisdictions. Voted YES Final Action, 83-41

HB 2369 - Concerning transportation; relating to toll projects; authorizing the secretary of transportation to designate or construct toll projects certain toll projects for new projects or expanded capacity; required approval from local units of government, the Kansas turnpike authority and the state finance council; changing toll project financing requirements.
Voted YES Final Action, 114-10

HB 2371 - Providing for an increase in permit fees for oversize or overweight vehicles. Voted YES Final Action, 102-22

HB 2372 - Providing for an increase in registration fees for electric and hybrid vehicles. Voted YES Final Action, 73-51

HB 2402 - Authorizing certain business entities to hire physicians and chiropractors. Voted YES Final Action, 106-18

SB 70 - Allowing for temporary permits for the selling and serving of alcoholic liquor. Voted YES Final Action, 119-5

SB 130 - Concerning elections; relating to advance ballots; concerning polling place. Voted YES Final Action, 124-0

SCR 1605 - Constitutional amendment; reapportionment, deleting requirement for adjustment of census data for military personnel and students. Voted YES Final Action, 117-7

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